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Elizabeth Craven

Warning: Reading anything by Elizabeth Craven may be hazardous to your sanity.


On the day of her birth, Lia fulfilled a prophecy that ended a 5,000-year war, and became a wife. But being the fulfillment of a sacred prophecy makes for a stifling childhood—not to mention a dangerous one. When an assassination attempt goes wrong, Lia takes the opportunity and runs from her destiny—as well as from her absent husband.

Talon isn’t sure what to expect when he rescues his bride from a mining colony on a barren moon. What he doesn’t anticipate is her lack of gratitude and her repeated escape attempts. Determined to convince his wife to accept her duties, Talon knows he also needs to keep her safe, even if he has to lock her in his own quarters to do it.


One would think being sister-in-law to a planetary sovereign would be an advantage. It isn’t. Ilexa Dhakir volunteers for a medical exchange program and finds herself under the watchful eye of her brother’s oldest friend, Thane Msaka.

Having surrendered his military commission and returned to traditional tribal life, Thane’s irritation with babysitting duty goes further than trying to protect Ilexa from the havoc she wreaks. He wants her with a ferocity he can’t explain, even though he knows he shouldn’t. When it becomes clear some tribe members will do anything to get rid of her, Thane has to battle people of his blood to protect the woman of his heart.


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When the sacred stone is stolen from the Healer’s Temple, Leilani is not happy to be assigned to assist in the investigation. Not only does the assignment threaten her career trajectory, but it opens old wounds.

To add insult to injury, she discovers the priest overseeing the investigation is her first love, Kynan, the man who abandoned her years earlier. With the conduit to the planet’s healers cut off, Leilani must set aside her pain and try to find a thief among the holy.





An escaped slave.
An accidental savior.
An interstellar chase.
Two worlds on the brink of war.

When Ellipse escapes her life as a slave, she accidentally wreaks havoc upon Bastian Dhakir’s ship, family relationships, and life. For his part, Bastian still isn’t sure how he wound up owning a slave, but he isn’t about to explain himself to his powerful – and enraged – family. To complicate matters, Ellipse’s original owner wants her back, and he is willing to risk war to retrieve her.


Other Works

Camden Shifters



It was forbidden to fraternize with ‘guests’ beyond the club, The Tiger’s Eye, and yet from the moment she discovers the dark stranger leaning against her car, Caitlyn is drawn to him so powerfully she can’t make herself run from the danger she senses.

But then, Damien has no intention of allowing her to run. This woman, he’s decided, is his. She’ll know it, too, as soon as he’s marked her as his own.


When Jan, battered and bruised, has to seek help from her former roommate, she finds her old friend’s new life is not what it seems. Now, the man who attacked her is looking for her. Jan must find a way sever her ties with him and come to grips with a new reality, or she could lose everything—including her life.



Determined to outwit nature, Selene hatches a scheme to remain unmated. Ignoring the repercussions of her rebellious act, she finds herself face-to-face with the male the gods have meant for her, and he is not amused.




Desperate, Lily had no choice but to “borrow” a car. The last thing she expected was for the car’s extremely attractive owner to come with it. Of course, being arrested for grand theft auto and kidnapping were the least of her concerns. As annoying as her unexpected companion was, there was something comforting about having him along. Now, she just had to keep them both alive.

About Me

Hi, I’m Elizabeth.  I know author biographies are supposed to dazzle you with slick advertising and impressive promotion.  Alas, I am far from slick – unless I manage to skid across the ground and land in mud.  Truthfully, leaving the house with matching shoes is a major win for me.

I am an ADD adult (not ADHD).  That means I spent my childhood as the perfect student.  I sat quietly in my chair.  I didn’t talk out of turn or fidget.  Teachers often praised me as the perfect student, as school work came easy to me, and I never caused any sort of trouble.  My teachers didn’t realize that I wasn’t entranced by their lectures.  Instead, my imagination took me riding on dragons and flying spaceships while the rest of the class was focused on multiplication tables.

Despite not being diagnosed until after graduate school, I managed to obtain a professional degree.  I have the rare fortune of loving my day job, though I still ride dragons and engage in daring space battles during the multitude of meetings that should have been an email.  (I have now attended TWO meetings about how we have too many meetings.  I am not making this up.)

I am single mother to a precious child I adopted from foster care. Currently, I am  dealing with the fallout from my pre-schooler’s diagnosis of a rare and painful (but fortunately not deadly) condition.  As it is just the two of us, the worlds in my mind keep me (arguably) sane.

I hope you enjoy the glimpses into my worlds I share through my books.  I am so very grateful for you.